We have collected useful hints, tips and information which we hope is helpful when thinking about open innovation and facilitation.

The ‘creative-cliff illusion’

Could it be that the best ideas come to those who wait? New research by Brian Lucas, a professor of organisational behaviour at Cornell University, suggests so; by learning to exercise a bit of patience and perseverance, we can all find more innovative solutions to our problems. I have been left to wonder what this this means for us as facilitators. #innovation #collaboration #facilitation

The full article can be found HERE

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How open, does ‘open innovation’ need to be for your next project?

As businesses, we increasingly embrace, the expertise of others in order to innovate. The degree to which we are prepared to share, however, varies. Illustrated below are the four main types of ‘open innovation’ interaction I have experienced here at InfoGov Sweden AB. Interactions become increasingly open as you move to the right. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you design the right type of interaction for your project.

Open innovation checklist

Interested in ‘Open innovation’? I took a definition by Chesbrough, H., & Bogers, M. (2014) and converted it into a simple checklist. It would be great to hear others thoughts about how and when this checklist might be useful to them. Thanks.

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Not so long ago I was introduced to the concept of Clear (precise) and Fuzzy (imprecise) goals. The nature of Fuzzy goals means we navigate our way towards an answer we do not yet fully comprehend. As a result, understanding the nature of the goal has become the first task I set myself when starting a new assignment.

You can find out more, at the excellent, Gamestorming website HERE. #innovation #facilitation #collaboration

Bringing ideas to life

Bringing ideas to life

The first snow drops have appeared in my garden and it got me to thinking of the bulbs beneath. The energy and genetic information they contain sit dormant, waiting to be triggered into action by the right environmental conditions.

Is this a useful analogy for unrealised innovation within your company? If so, what are the conditions needed to trigger these dormant ideas into life? Why not share your thoughts with others below?

New website

New website

Today we launch the new look InfoGov Sweden AB website. As a consultancy, we specialise in Innovation, Collaboration and Facilitation services within the life sciences. Working with clients, we develop bespoke sessions that generate novel ideas, or bring new products, services, and processes to life.
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Where do you need to innovate?


  • Invention and prototyping
  • Clinical and regulatory strategies
  • Innovation ecosystems


  • Financing and deal structures
  • Company product and service offerings
  • Organisational efficiency


  • Infrastructure projects
  • Operational and process effectiveness
  • Technology adoption

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