Architect, Pilot, and Guide – the roles of a facilitator

Architect, Pilot, and Guide…this 4 min video from the International Institute for Facilitation and Change explains the roles an effective facilitator fulfils, and the value they add. Enjoy. #innovation #facilitation #collaboration

The ‘creative-cliff illusion’

Could it be that the best ideas come to those who wait? New research by Brian Lucas, a professor of organisational behaviour at Cornell University, suggests so; by learning to exercise a bit of patience and perseverance, we can all find more innovative solutions to...

Open innovation checklist

Interested in ‘Open innovation’? I took a definition by Chesbrough, H., & Bogers, M. (2014) and converted it into a simple checklist. It would be great to hear others thoughts about how and when this checklist might be useful to them. Thanks....


Not so long ago I was introduced to the concept of Clear (precise) and Fuzzy (imprecise) goals. The nature of Fuzzy goals means we navigate our way towards an answer we do not yet fully comprehend. As a result, understanding the nature of the goal has become the first...

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